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Victorian Cast Iron Spiral Stairs

We are a specialist engineering company based in the Midlands, in the traditional centre of the UK engineering industries and for over 20 years we have specialised in designing and building spiral stairs to meet the highest and most stringent building regulations in the UK and other EU countries.

Our cast iron spiral stairs are based on beautiful traditional ornate Victorian designs from 1800s. They provide strong, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing solutions for both domestic and commercial use.

You will be able to select from a range of 3 different sizes, clockwise or anticlockwise rotation and with different configurations to fit into round, square or free standing openings. These are complimented with a range of balusters and configurations to help you to enhance the design to meet your precise needs. In addition to the traditional black or White finish, you may alternatively select the precise colour of your stairs from the complete RAL range to either feature or perfectly blend into your home.

In addition to our cast iron range our sister company also offer a range of bespoke designs and solutions in a range of materials such as iron, wood and stainless steel.