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We are keen to find individuals or companies that can perform one or more of the following  functions. For more information and to apply please email Sales@castironspiralstairs.com stating the area of interest and your capabilities. You must be able to correspond in English.

Agents / Distributors
We would like to hear from companies or individual that would be interested in becoming a primary representative for Victorian Cast Iron Spiral Stairs (VCISS) in your home region / country.  This work would be paid based on a sales commission for all sales in a specified region.

Builders and Specifies (Including Architects, Designers, Project Managers etc.)
If you would like to include one of our spiral stairs in one of your projects (or a bid for the project) then we are more than happy to provide a quote based on outline figures and specifications. These estimates will be valid in GBP only for two months.

We are looking for individuals or companies to be approved to carry out site surveys and provide expert building / installation advice. This work will be based on customers paying you a non refundable fixed fee for the survey plus a small sales commission from VCISS.

We would like to build up a list of approved installers in each country. This will be a 2 tier system.
1). Listed installers
2). Accredited installers