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Victorian Cast Iron Spiral Stairs

This website has been specifically designed to be simple and easy for you to navigate and to make it possible for you to create a pictorial view of your stair. This will generate a price for your stairs that you can change any aspect of the configuration to see the immediate impact of the costs.

Your estimate will be for a complete stair including tax and delivery within Mainland Western Europe* (*See Terms & Conditions on Design & Price page for details). UK VAT will be included unless the delivery location is outside of the EU, or you are able to provide a valid non UK, EU VAT number.

Every stair is manufactured to your exact floor to floor height dimensions without the use of any packing or spacers. This is achieved by cutting all of the treads to an exact size to give the overall perfect fit.

All stairs are built from brand new components. You will be getting a stair built to the same specifications (or better) than any original antique reclaimed stair.

The major advantage you will have is our stair will be complete with no missing parts and designed to fit exactly into your location. Quality assured and complete piece of mind.