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Landing and Floor Plates

Stairs will either require a fixing collar to connect directly to the upper floor or they will require a landing plate to provide safe entrance / exit from the top of the stairs. Extended landings or balconies can also be added, made from our matching floor square or oblong plates, providing the finishing touch to the stair, or even just a balcony in it's own right.

Floor plates look fantastic when used to create an extended landing, balcony or bridge between floors.


The plates provide an ornate and yet very strong platform that integrates perfectly with your Victorian spiral stair. We are also able to provide hand rails and balusters to fit your requirements..


The floor plates are manufactured as 365mm x 730mm or 1000mm x 250mm and can be cut or used in multiple combinations to create the best fit.

Landing plates are used to connect a stair to the upper floor or to add a rest platform part way up a stair. Under UK regulation some longer flights of stairs are required to have rest platform. Landing plates come in the same sizes as our stairs with edges to match your stair opening. You can experiment in the Design & Price tool to see how this will work with your particular stair.