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The Victorians realized the virtues of casting Iron, and still today you can see many fine examples that have stood the test of time. We manufacture our Cast Iron spiral staircases to the same high quality, ensuring your stairs last a lifetime.

Our stairs are available in 3 different diameters, 1067mm, 1370mm and 1830mm with either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. The rotation is defined going up the stair (bottom to top). All treads can accommodate 1,2 or 3 balusters depending upon the baluster design selected.

All treads are cast as a single solid step and then are custom cut between 190mm and 220mm to fit your floor to floor height exactly. The entry point of the stair can be adjusted by using different landing plates.

All our Cast Iron stairs are tested to comply with BS1470 standard.
Stairs of 1370mm diameter are designed to comply to BS5395 Category A
Stairs of 1830mm diameter are designed to comply to BS5395 Category B

cast iron stair tread showing filigree pattern
cast iron stair tread front
cast iron stair tread angled
cast iron stair tread stacked